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we offer to our valued customers all technical support free of charge via the Internet or at the headquarters of our company, while technical support at the headquarters of your factories or your esteemed company have agreed a fee with the company.

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Grantee policy :-

Grantee policy with al haytham for engineering

After-sales service and repair terms and conditions for oversea agent

These terms and conditions are applicable to the situation that Client sells the products , and provides after-sale service and maintenance. Period of validity: during the agreement period.
  1. After-sales service commitment
    • The product produced by alhaytham 12-month guarantee of replacement, long-life maintenance service and technical support (by email,phone,MSN and Skype).
    • 12-month guarantee of replacement: If any failure within the scope of warranty occurs the product confirms that the faulty product is within the scope of service and the guarantee period of replacement , alhaytham will replace the faulty product with a product of the same model for Client.
    • Life-long maintenance service: alhaytham provides Client with maintenance service throughout the service life of the products from the date of purchase. For faulty products within the warranty period but not covered by the scope of the warranty or products beyond the warranty period,alhaytham will provide paid repair service. After Client confirms the repair cost, alhaytham will arrange repair service. For detailed repair service stipulations, refer to the section below.
  2. Repair service
    • Principle: alhaytham will strive for decreasing the repair period of the product for Client.
    • Repair period: Client collects the faulty products every two months and sends to the repair centers of alhaytham. A repair period of alhaytham is 15 working days. It comprises a time ranges from the day that alhaytham receives the faulty product from Client to the day alhaytham sends the faulty product back, excluding the non-working days, transportation time and time spent charging the cost of the repair. The cost of the repair should be paid off every time. To be the par tner of your success Client should pay all the cost of the repair to alhaytham after paid repair service is finished. Under special circumstances when a fault cannot be removed in a short period of time because of special reasons, alhaytham will discuss with Client to achieve an agreement of the repair time.
    • Confirm the warranty period: Client confirms whether the faulty product is within the warranty period according to the product’s S/N code and the actual date of sale by Client. If Client cannot confirm whether the faulty product is within the warranty period for losing the S/N code or other reasons, alhaytham shall help Client to confirm. alhaytham offers one-year guarantee of maintenance to the repaired or replaced component from repair date.
    • Confirm the scope of warranty: Even within the warranty period of replacement or repair, if the following case happen alhaytham will not provide the corresponding replacement or repair service. alhaytham offers paid repair service to the faulty product belongs to the following area.
      1. Any product faults resulting from force majeure factors such as fire, flood, electric shock, and earthquake.
      2. Any product faults arising from the disassembly, repair, or codification of products performed by people not authorized by alhaytham.
      3. Any severe damage or scratch to the product shell caused by improper installation.
      4. Any product faults caused by industrial accidents, disoperation, misuse (failure to observe the operation methods, operating environment and precautions specified in the user guide), including human-machine interface touch panel cracking, LCD screen breaking, motor blocking, instability, slanting motor shaft, broken shaft, flange crack or breaking ,incomplete motor parts, motor winding or circuit board severely burned, etc
    • Confirm the cost of repair: For faulty products within the warranty period and falling into the scope of regular repair, alhaytham will only collect the cost of the parts and components damaged due to the customers’ reasons. if the fault is not caused by the customer,alhaytham will not charge any repair fee. For faulty products beyond the warranty period, alhaytham will charge the cost of parts and components and proper repair fee according to actual conditions of damage or fault. The specific price of repair parts refers to the price list of repair parts. The repair personal of alhaytham will quote to Client after they finish the paid repair service every time.
    • Emergency repair: The two sides resolve through consultation or alhaytham provides the spare product to Client.
    • Repair process: According to the standard product repair process of alhaytham, if have any conflict with the terms and conditions, please take it as the standard. To every repair service alhaytham will provide the product RMA Repair State Form to Client.
    • Confirm the freight. The freight for returning the faulty products to after-sales service center of alhaytham shall be provided by Client, but the freight for delivering the repaired products to Client shall be provided by alhaytham.
    • Client shall send the After-sales Service Registration Form that is put in the product package box to alhaytham when return the faulty products. To help alhaytham to repair and resolve the problem quickly, Client should write the detailed fault in the table. Client can agree on the special circumstances with alhaytham.
    • Client and alhaytham should have specific person to be responsible for the communication of after-sales service and repair.
  3. The terms and conditions are attached file of the product cooperation agreement, which have the same force of law.